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Remove Hard Water Scale

If you’re like me and don’t like using a conventional water softener that uses salt because of the hassle and potential health environmental reasons, then you have probably come to the conclusion that you will need to Remove Hard Water Scale from the fixtures and appliances in your home from time to time. How often will depend on the actual water hardness you have. The exception to this is if you use a salt-free water conditioner that helps keep the hard water scale under control making it much easier to maintain the fixtures and appliances because the build-up is much softer and will not build up as quickly.

I have tried just about every over-the-counter product available for this and the one I’m going to show you here is absolutely hands down the best, cheapest, and safest. The biggest issue I have seen with over-the-counter chemicals is they can actually damage delicate finishes on your sinks, countertops, and faucets. I stumbled across this awesome cleaning trick when I was testing the best way to maintain our Hard Water Bullet without using aggressive chemicals. Using this cleaning trick to Remove Hard Water Build-up and Hard Water Stains is the falsest and safest way to keep your expensive fixtures looking great. Aggressive scrubbing and scraping can also damage fixtures too.

The real trick to keeping your fixtures looking and working like new is to maintain them regularly and not use anything to scrape hard water scale from the surface. The better option is to apply a solution of cleaning paste and allow it to soak for an hour or so and then just wipe it off. Here is the secret cleaner….Vinegar! I know what you’re thinking but this isn't your regular vinegar.

Cleaning Vinegar is actually 6% acidity whereas regular vinegar is only 5% acidity but that little 1% increases in cleaning strength by 20%! Also, you will need some regular table salt to make the paste. Cleaning vinegar can be found in the cleaning isle of your grocery store and is not for human consumption. I paid about $3.50 for ½ gallon which will last a long time. All you need to do is pour a little salt into a bowl and add a little vinegar to make a paste, and coat the fixture that you want to Remove Hard Water Scale from. In about fifteen to thirty minutes, wipe it off and if necessary re-apply. Filter Water Direct.com is always looking for environmentally friendly ways to help you with your hard water issues and this is one way to maintain your fixtures and appliances and not need expensive water softeners.