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Whole House Iron Water Filter

The Bible Walk museum in Mansfield, OH had a high level of iron and sulfur, to the extent it smelled like rotten eggs and you couldn't drink it; and of course the rust stains. Brad suggested we purchase the whole house iron water filter. After installing this, I drank some water from the drinking fountain the next day. It tasted fine to me so I had people that worked in the museum regularly confirm what I thought. They all confirmed what I was saying, the taste was in the pudding. They were all apprehensive to drink it at first, and smelled it before partaking. Well years of water issues are over. Thanks Brad, M. Schroeder

I’m a builder and have purchased several iron filters from Filter Water Direct.

Brad was very helpful and guided me through my first installation.

I installed the first unit in my personal house.  We had high levels of iron in the water and our PH was out of whack.

After installation, the iron taste and smell has been completely gone and with the automatic backwash feature, I haven’t done anything with it since installation approximately 2 years ago.  It’s been working great.  That’s why I have just purchased 4 more units for installation into 3 houses I’m presently building and the fourth is going into my lake house which I built 2 years ago.