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Triple Action Poly Stainless Calcium Scale Reduction Filter System

image: Calcium Scale Reduction Filter

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SKU: SS psc12
Dimensions: 15 in × 5 in × 4 in
Weight: 4 lb


The Triple Action Poly Stainless Calcium Scale Reduction Water Filter Is A "Eco-Friendly" Water Conditioning Hard Water Softener Filter


Do you want Soft Water without the hassle of using salt and that slimy feeling it gives you in the shower? We understand the importance of being environmentally responsible and are committed to developing water treatment processes that will help solve environmental challenges and we receive calls nearly every day from customers asking us how this system works. This water conditioning system is a low maintenance, salt-free "Green" water conditioning process that uses PolyPhosphate Crystals and Electro-Mechanical Catalytic Technology. Unlike many other conditioners, poly-phosphate does not release harmful chemicals into your water system, does not waste any amount of water, it reduces energy consumption, and preserves beneficial minerals. Click HERE for additional on Polyphosphate

Testing and verification performed at Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Department of Chemistry

No More Calcium Scale Build-Up!

Benefits to using the Scale Reduction System:

Does not release harmful minerals or chemicals into the water system (Salt).
Does not waste any amount of water from regenerations and reduces energy consumption.                                                                    
Preserves beneficial minerals.

How The Calcium Scale Reduction System Works:

The Hard Water Bullet and Polyphosphate working together prevents the formation of scale and eliminates existing scale by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless "Aragonite" crystal particles. As these particles flow through plumbing systems, they do not attach to pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements. The final result is 99% scale prevention without adding harmful minerals or chemicals into our environment. The calcium is broken down into harmless aragonite and the polyphosphate sequesters the harmless minerals from the water. The existing scale in the piping and hardware dissolves over time since the aragonite is neutral. This happens because the aragonite crystals are unable to attach to any surfaces but due to their large surface area and physical structure. They end up binding to the calcium ions in the scale, gradually breaking the grid structure of the calcium deposits from your piping and appliances. Eventually, the calcium scale deposits within the pipes and equipment are completely removed. A 3 to 5-micron protective corrosion layer is formed. This layer forms because of the reaction of aragonite surface of the crystals and metallic surface of the pipes. As soon as the protective layer is formed, it can no longer grow bigger, but it creates complete protection.

The animated graphic below shows how un-treated calcium is changed into harmless aragonite as it moves through the hard water bullet core

This hard water conditioner includes a 50-micron stainless steel pre-filter to remove debris from your water before it goes through the calcium scale reduction system and is nearly Maintenance Free, Chemical Free, And Salt-Free. Our Hard Water Bullet has proven to be an effective environmental alternative where benefits and overall performance surpasses competitors. This 3/4” 15 GPM water conditioner (Shown) fits most two bath homes and is ideal for any hard water treatment application where ½” plumbing is installed. 

This water conditioner is ideal for the following applications:

  • Residential 3/4” plumbing systems
  • Coffee machines
  • Steam cleaners




What's Included?

  • Housing wrench                                             
  • 7 oz polyphosphate crystals
  • Stainless steel filter housing 
  • Hard Water Bullet catalytic electro-mechanical core                                                                                                                                                          



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Our Calcium Scale Reduction water filter works exactly like our Poly Scale Hard Water Conditioner and combines three different processes’ to treat and filter your hard water.


  • Maximum pressure 145 PSI
  • Flow rate 15 GPM
  • Filtration surface area 340 cm
  • Filter height 12.5"
  • Filter width 4”
  • 4" between water in, and water out ports
  • Filter housing diameter 11”
  • Max. Working temperature 140 degrees
  • Filter weight (including 7 oz polyphosphate crystals) 4 lbs
  • 4" between water in and water out ports
  • Includes 7 oz of Poly-phosphate, (about 7-9 months worth)