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Hard Water Softener Cartridge Refill

image: Hard Water Softener CartridgeRefill

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SKU: SC-2.5X10
Dimensions: 2.5 in × 2.5 in × 10 in
Weight: 3.5 lb

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This Hard Water Softener Cartridge Refill fits our Hard Water Softener Cartridge kit. Its Zeolite media removes hard water deposits thru ion-exchange but will not need re-charging like a conventional water softener will. Instead, this cartridge can be removed after its softening ability is exhausted, depending on the gallons of water used. This cartridge can be soaked in a bucket of salt brine overnight and installed back into the housing eliminating your need to purchase additional re-fill cartridges.

Ideal uses include point-of-use applications such as car washing, RV washing and boat washing where you might not want water spotting. It can also be installed permanently for use in ice makers, coffee machines and hot pressure washers. 

Its broad range of applications makes it ideal for applications where you might not want a conventional water softener but need to remove hard water deposits from surfaces.