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My Plumber Said Saltless Water Softeners Do Not Work?

So you have read, or been told by your plumber that saltless water softeners don’t work?

I get this question often: Will this salt free water softener really work?

One thing is for sure when you do research on-line, or ask people about their opinion about something you might think they know about. And that is you might find yourself more confused than before you began your research. We’ve all been there.

Dishwasher Limescale and spotting

Dishwasher Spotting and Limescale Build-Up can usually be solved with just a few tricks, and some over-the-counter products. And if allowed to continue it will eventually ruin your glassware.

Because heated water evaporates quickly. It may leave hard calcium deposits in the dishwasher after the dishwasher has completed its drying cycle. The pump, plumbing and even
inside surfaces of the dishwasher are often coated with old, hard lime scale that can be difficult to remove and depletes the dishwashers efficiency.

Why Remove Calcium In Water

For most people, calcium is a nutritional benefit that is naturally in your drinking water. The biggest problem is that the calcium will eventually cause limescale build-up on your fixtures and glassware, not to mention your appliances.

Well Water Iron Filter

When it comes to Well Water Iron Filters, you might find that the information available is overwhelming, and to make matters worse, water treatment technology is rapidly changing and what was new technology just a couple years ago is already outdated. It wasn’t that long ago that you needed to use potassium permanganate for your greensand filter to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide from your well water. If you have ever owned a Green Sand Filter that needed cleaned with potassium permanganate, you’re aware of the hassle not to mention the mess it can make.

Introduction Into Salt Free Water Conditioners

As you begin your Introduction Into Salt Free Water Conditioners , you will probably find that much of the information you read may conflict and it will become very confusing as to if these water conditioning systems actually work and if they will work for your hard water needs. I started my career in water conditioning back in 1977, when we only had conventional salt based water softeners available and have serviced and sold nearly every brand on the market. Salt Free Systems were virtually unheard of.

Sterling Water Filter Replacement

Filter Water Direct carries a full line of Sterling Water Filters Replacement Cartridges to fit both ten inch and twenty inch big blue housings. Most of these installations had one ea five mic sediment and one ea GAC (Granular Activated Charcoal) filter but some had three housings and the third was usually polyphosphate housing.

Hard Water Bullet Is A Chemical Free Water Conditioner

Our Hard Water Bullet is a chemical free whole house water conditioner that is designed to last a life time. The system's housing consists of a stainless steel casing with either stainless of bronze ends and a metallic bullet core made up of several metals containing a non-ferrous, special alloy forged into curved multiple ventures' passageways.

Know What’s In Your Water Before You Purchase A Salt Free Water Conditioner

Knowing exactly what’s in your water means that you know the exact total water hardness and iron content before you start your research. I cannot begin to tell you how many calls I receive from potential customers that want to purchase a salt free conditioner and when I ask them how hard the water is, their answer is “Its real hard”. What is “real hard”? Hard water is defined as water more than three grains hard.

Treating Your Water With Our Hard Water Descaler Filter

Out of all of the products we offer, my favorite is our Hard Water Descaler , and this is because it is fairly easy to install, not too costly and requires no chemicals or salt to treat your calcium. This is a new product for us and it has really taken off. This hard water descaler actually is a very compact conditioner that uses a water treatment core built inside which breaks down the calcium as the water flows through the filter. This really solves two issues with just one single system.

RV Hard Water Treatment Using A Portable RV Water Softener

As I write this blog, I’m sitting in my RV in White River State Park in Arkansas, and I’m using our popular RV Water Softener to soften and condition the water in my RV. The water here is about 19 grains per gallon which is very hard. The water is fine to drink (Filtered) but shows signs of lime scale build-up after just a few days of staying here.


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Why Buy a Sterling Water Conditioner?

No Salt is Needed:
Salt for an average household, costs $200 per year. Salt based water softeners are expensive, time consuming, and overall, VERY inconvenient.

Protects Your Investments:
The Sterling Water Conditioner not only stops scale from forming but usually removes existing scale... Read More

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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Hi Brad, The first day it was installed I used my rice/vegetable steamer and my jaw dropped when I saw that the heating well in the steamer had no coating of calcium at all. I was amazed. My skin felt better after my shower the next day too. I have not washed my hair so can't comment on that yet but expect there to be an improvement in how my hair feels after washing. Shelly from Canada