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Garden Hose Hard Water Filter Is Chemical Free And Easy To Use

image: Garden Hose Hard Water Filter

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Dimensions: 4 in × 1 in × 1 in
Weight: 8 oz


Our Garden Hose Hard Water Filter Conditioner utilizes our Hard Water Bullet which is housed in a ½” brass nipple and has included brass garden hose male/female ends. This Garden hose softener has many practical uses and is extremely compact making it very versatile.

The Hard Water Bullet has the following effects:

Prevention of scale formation on evaporative pads, warm surfaces, and sclerosis due to scale buildup in hot water pipes and boilers.

When installed in systems that are prone to the formation of scales, the bullet has a conditioning effect as it assists in the gradual dissolving of the scale (this process may take up to 4 - 6 months, especially if the system is initially in bad condition).

The system slows oxidation processes to a halt, thus preventing the formation of rust and scale

Uses include treating hard water where you’re using a garden hose. Such applications include: 

  • Washing boats, vehicles
  • Manufacturing, machine shops
  • Water features, ponds/waterfalls where evaporation is an issue
  • Humidifiers
  • Watering your yard/garden
  • Water cooler/Swamp coolers
  • Camping/RV
  • Coffee makers/ Hot water dispensers

The Hard Water Bullet is a catalytic “Electro-Mechanical Core” that is constructed with a bevel on one end and channels causing a turbulent action as the water travels through the core. This turbulent action causes the core to add electrons to the water which causes a change in the water structure and converts the calcium into “Aragonite”. Aragonite is a much softer form of calcium and will not build up as limescale as un-treated calcium will. The result will be water that now has aragonite. This is much better for appliances, pumps, evaporative products like humidifiers, and swamp coolers. The evaporative pads will continue to need cleaning, but they clean easily by rinsing the aragonite and will last much longer.

The specific purpose of this water conditioner is to inhibit lime-scale on surfaces. Aragonite will continue to cause water spots, so if your water leaves spots before you use this garden hose hard water filter, you will likely have aragonite spots using a hard water filter for a garden hose. If you need a portable water softener that will eliminate water spotting, please refer to our Portable Limescale Conditioner Water Softener. It also uses the hard water bullet but it sequesters the aragonite using polyphosphate crystals.

This Garden Hose Softener can be installed at the hydrant or just below the spray nozzle whichever you prefer.  

The animated graphic below shows how un-treated calcium in changed into harmless aragonite as it moves through the hard water bullet core

Keeping the core clean is important and will ensure that the garden hose hard water filter works efficiently. Keeping it clean is very easy and only takes a few minutes. See the downloadable instructions at the top of this page. 

The core can be easily removed for inspection and cleaning if necessary by simply unscrewing the end and sliding it out, By simply wire brushing the core under running water for about one minute once every 6-12 months will keep the metallic core in optimum condition