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Hard Water Solutions And Information

Let's discuss hard water solutions. Before you can properly treat your water hardness, you first need to know what it is.

Hardness is tested for GPG (Grains Per Gallon) along with TDS, (Total Dissolved Solids) We highly recommend you get your water tested before you purchase any hard water treatment equipment, and we offer our visitors and future customers this service for free. Click HERE for details.

Hard water is not a health hazard, but left untreated could cause staining, and damage to your appliances, plumbing, dishes, and clothing. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should be looking for solutions for calcium reduction and scale removal from your water.

Even though we have sold and installed conventional "Salt Based Water Softeners" for many years, we have never been really happy about how they operate, i.e. pouring salt down the drain, in your yard, sewer, or wherever you have to.

The typical water softener will waste around fifty-five gallons of water every time it regenerates, not to mention the salt it uses. Several cities have created new ordinances banning typical salt softeners because of the salt brine pollution they create and this has even created new income sources for the big guys like Culligan, allowing them to offer replacement resin tanks, and home tank delivery. Why are These cities Banning Water Softeners? When searching for alternative hard water solutions, research Hard Water Conditioners that require no salt, (and what about not having to drag bags around anymore) stop wasting water, and retain the nutrients in your water that are good for you, instead of drinking saltwater. Yes, it's saltwater even if you cannot taste it...

By using a salt-free conditioner, you will experience water that has not been treated with sodium chloride, and you will like the taste much better because the natural minerals in water are where the taste comes from! This technology is really the trend when dealing with hard water solutions. Why would anyone needing to treat the hardness in their water want to soften the old-fashioned way, wasting salt and water not to mention space, when you could install an appliance that does not require salt, waste any water, or use chemicals? See more at Answers to Hard Water Solutions.

Our Calcium Reduction Systems are your best bet for Hard Water Solutions. When installing this system, we recommend the use of an in-line filter to help remove small particulates and chlorine from your water.