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Electronic Digital Hug-N-Plug HD Saltless Water Softener For Hard Water Build-Up

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Dimensions: 5 in × 5 in × 3 in
Weight: 2 lb


The HD Hug-N-Plug Digital Electronic Saltless Water Softener Is Easy To Install Without Special Tools

Installing a Saltless Water Softener in your home can mean big benefits to you and your family, but also to your home appliances and pets. If you're currently using a Salt-Based Softener and looking for an alternative then this might just be your answer. It's easy to get confused when comparing these systems because price greatly fluctuates between different brands. It really comes down to one question, always ask the salesperson how much total power (Milliamps) does their conditioner actually produce? The more Milliamps you have going through the coil, the better performance you will have. If they cannot tell you (Or will not tell you) then defiantly beware. Our conditioner produces a full 4000 Milliamps, and as far as I know, there is not another residential conditioner on the market that produces this much power. Cheaper is not better when you compare Digital Water Conditioners, your looking for a system that works at an affordable price with a good guarantee. Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to install Filter Water Directs Hug-N-Plug HD Electronic Limescale reduction System. 

How They Work:
Millions of times every second the system varies a group of electrical pulses that change the physical makeup of your water. These electrical pulses break down the calcium into fine calcium aragonite powder the size of only 4 microns, the remaining soft calcium in the water groups itself into soft snowflake-like shapes. Gaps appear between these groups of calcium flakes and allow the water to easily carry minerals, nutrients and for the formations of suds from detergents. This broken-down calcium powder is fine enough that it becomes six times more dissolvable into the water itself. The extremely small size of the calcium particle creates another advantage. Heat or pressure changes will not cause the converted calcium to revert and form calcium limescale. The surface tension of the water is also reduced by this conversion to a soft form. This increases the solubility of the water making it an even better solvent. In addition, the electrical charge of the water and minerals suspended in it are altered so will calcium will not adhere to surfaces. The antenna's purpose is to hunt random waves from the environment to sit the wave of the producing device on an existing wave.


Compare Our Electronic Water Softener To Other Brands:
It's always a good idea to compare Electronic Water Softener brands for price, features, warranty, and specifications before you buy. We're confident that once you compare our softener to other brands, you will see why we feel this is the best overall value for your money. You should remember that cheaper is NOT better, but at the same time, you can overspend. When comparing the systems, you should always use the below specifications as a basis for your decision. 

Solid State Electronic Water Softener Specifications:

  • 2.0 Amps
  • External WIFI antenna (Signal Boost)
  • 12 Volts (Most Systems Are 12 Volts)
  • 4000 Milliamps (Most Systems Are 5 Milliamps)
  • Metal Housing (Most Systems Are Plastic)
  • Digital (Most Systems Are Analog)
  • No-Tool Installation
  • No-Wire Wrapping
  • Hug and Plug (About 1-minute Installation)
  • Warranty:
    One year on all parts, six-month total satisfaction warranty
  • Our Saltless Water Softener simply clamps around the pipe and plugging it into a 120VAC wall outlet. It constantly monitors your water the result is profound! More suds, no scaling and it will begin to de-scale any existing hard water build-up and remove it within 90 days. Filter Water Direct specializes in "GREEN" Water Treatment Solutions and will always help you choose the best system for your needs! 
HD Hug-N-Plug Installation