Why Buy a Sterling Water Conditioner?

No Salt is Needed:
Salt for an average household, costs $200 per year. Salt based water softeners are expensive, time consuming, and overall, VERY inconvenient.

Protects Your Investments:
The Sterling Water Conditioner not only stops scale from forming but usually removes existing scale... Read More

Filter Water Direct LLC

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MCT501 C Descalant
image: Iron Water Filter Installed
image: Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner
image: Typical Iron Water Filter Installation (rear)
image:1.5 inch Chemical Free Whole House Water Conditioner Core
Hard Water Softening Cartridge Kit
Five Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
image: Iron Water Filter
image:  Hard Water Softener CartridgeRefill

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Ashley from Texas writes: "The short story: I was very skeptical about this product, but tried it, and it works! Makes cleaning so much easier!! The long story: So I live in the country, where there is a lot of calcium, and I do mean a LOT! The toilet and the shower need cleaned every couple days or it looks like months of calcium buildup! So gross! The dishes all have water marks them, even... Read More