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Portable Limescale Conditioner And RV Water Softener

image: Portable Poly Salt Free Water Conditioner

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SKU: HWB34RV-gen5
Dimensions: 5.5 in × 5.5 in × 12 in
Weight: 4 lb




Our Portable Hard Water Bullet Water Conditioner Is Ideal For RVs And Point-Of-Use Applications And Is Compact And Does Not Require Salt

Using a portable RV Water Softener while traveling has become very popular because most RV owners are concerned about the water quality that they use while hooked up to the water system in the park. Most of the RV site water supplies contain hard water which leads to calcium build-up on the plumbing and fixtures in the RV. Many of the water supplies are also from well water and are untreated.

The animated graphic below shows how un-treated calcium in changed into harmless aragonite as it moves through the hard water bullet core

One of the biggest challenges has been trying to locate a Salt-Free Portable RV Water Softener that is compact and lightweight enough to take on the road and still be able to store it in a compact place in your RV. Another issue is the need to pack heavy and bulky bags of salt, not to mention where to run the regeneration salt brine water while you’re in the park or campground. Filter Water Direct offers a Salt-Free Portable Water Softener Conditioner that will not waste water and will not require salt or harmful chemicals. Our system is compact, hooks to the ¾" supply water hose using the included brass hose adapters and reducing bushings.


  • USA-made housing from durable PVC, won't corrode or rust
  • Built-in 25 micron stainless steel water filter
  • UV Protected, sun-blocking will not allow bacteria growth
  • Houses a 3/8" Hard Water Bullet
  • Uses 6 oz Polyphosphate which sequesters hard water particles and offers spot-free results
  • Easy to service
  • Space-saving design
  • Includes heavy-duty 3/4" brass hose connections for easy bib and hose connection
  • includes housing wrench, and pre-filled Re-fillable polyphosphate cartridge


Our portable Hard Water Bullet RV Water Softener Conditioner work with the same catalytic principle as our popular  Poly Salt-Free Water Softener that uses the Hard Water Bullet core as the catalytic insert and Polyphosphate Crystals. This technology breaks down the calcium in the water using a catalytic action and converts it to a harmless form of calcium into aragonite, and is held in suspension and not allowed to bind to surfaces which can provide you with a spot-free finish on glassware and fixtures. Aragonite is calcium but in a different form that will not allow the formation of limescale. 

As water enters the filter's housing, it passes through a 25-micron stainless steel filter to ensure dirt and sand are removed before the hard water treatment begins. The clean filtered water then passes through the polyphosphate capsule which holds 6 oz of food-grade, plant-based polyphosphate crystals, and then through the catalytic core, which is a true "ElectroMechanical Catalytic Core” (Hard Water Bullet) where the calcium carbonate is converted into harmless aragonite which will be sequestered by the polyphosphate dosing. 

Salt-free conditioners do not actually remove calcium like a conventional water softener that uses salt or potassium chloride. Salt-based systems actually remove calcium hardness through a process called "Ion Exchange" where an ion of sodium is exchanged for an ion of calcium. This means that some sodium chloride (salt) usually remains in your treated water. This can create blood pressure problems and other health issues not to mention the need to purchase and handle the salt. Compared to other conventional RV Portable Water Softeners, this RV Water Conditioner Hard Water Bullet is easy to install and maintain, will not need salt, and will not require extra space for storage. 

Conventional salt-based RV Water Softeners are a real hassle because you have to constantly add salt to charge the resin bed, then you have to drain them and continue this process. Salt-free water conditioners leave the calcium in your water but use one of several processes' (usually catalytic) that convert the untreated calcium into Aragonite. Aragonite will not bind together or build up as limescale any longer. Because you still have calcium in your water, you probably will not experience the silky or slick feeling in your shower and your water will taste the same. The real benefits of using a salt-free water conditioner are health and cost benefits. 

 Many of our customers notice a difference in their skin and hair right away and a softer feeling in the shower, and this is when you will know it's working, along with the elimination of build-up on the showerhead and faucets. This converted calcium will not stick to your pipes or fixtures, flows freely through your plumbing system, and allows you to condition your water without the need for salt or other chemicals.

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      Here Are Additional Uses For The Portable Hard Water Bullet:

  • Water Source Heat-pump (Geothermal) Lime Scale Control
  • Misting System Limescale Water Treatment
  • Swamp Cooler and Evaporative Water Treatment
  • Greenhouse Water Treatment
  • Car, Boat, and RV Wash Water Treatment
  • Boiler and Steam System Limescale Control 

This Portable Water Softener is only 5.5"X 5.5"X12" Tall and weighs 4 lbs allowing it to be easily stored and lightweight enough to handle. It is designed for 30 gallons per minute maximum water flow and includes ¾" garden hose connectors for easy hook-up with the park's water system and your RV water inlet hose. The removable catalytic bullet can be easily removed and cleaned by simply unscrewing the housing bottom and soaking in cleaning vinegar. Because this Portable water softener conditioner requires no electricity, it can be used nearly anywhere, as long as it’s not exposed to freezing temperatures. Now you can enjoy conditioned water while traveling using our RV Water Softener and be less concerned with the hard water you are hooking up to.


  • Maximum pressure 145 PSI
  • A flow rate of 30 GPM
  • Filtration surface area 340 cm
  • Heavy Duty UV-resistant outer housing                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Filter height 12”
  • Filter width 5.5”
  • The built-in pressure relief valve
  • 5-1/4" between water in, and water out ports
  • Filter housing diameter 16.5”
  • Max. Working temperature 140 degrees
  • Filter weight (including 6 oz polyphosphate crystals) 5 lbs
  • Inlet/Outlet diameter 3/4” 
Poly Salt Free Water Softener Polyphosphate Cartridge Re-fill