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Hard Water Bullet Chemical Free Whole House Water Conditioner

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Dimensions: 7 in × 3 in × 3 in
Weight: 2 lb

Our Hard Water Bullet Whole House Water Conditioner works exactly like our Poly Hard Water Conditioner and our Portable/RV Water Conditioner because it uses the same catalytic metallic core. The 1.5" conditioner is rated for a maximum of 23 GPM. The 1" conditioner is rated at 15 GPM and the 1/2" conditioner is rated for 4.5 GPM. Space requirements are minimal because of the conditioner's compact size allowing it to fit into nearly any place in your plumbing system. It can be installed into any kind of plumbing material and will be shipped ready for you to add your plumbing material of your choice. It can be installed in any position making it very easy to versatile. The 1/2" model will include 1/2"-3/8" ends and the 1" model will include 1" stainless couplings





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If you are needing a whole house water conditioner that also filters the water and minimizes hard water spotting, please refer to our Gen5 Poly Salt Free Water Softener

The animated graphic below shows how un-treated calcium in changed into harmless aragonite as it moves through the hard water bullet core


The Hard Water Bullet is a chemical-free whole house water conditioner that is designed to last a lifetime and has no moving parts. The system's housing consists of a stainless or brass casing with PVC unions on the 1.5" model and stainless steel couplings on the 1" and the 1/2" conditioner will include brass 3/8" ends.

The metallic bullet core is made up of several metals containing a non-ferrous lead-free special alloy forged into curved multiple ventures' passageways. This alloy is composed of different precious and semi-precious metals that, together, make the core extremely hard and highly resistant to corrosion. The system is installed into the water line and requires almost no maintenance. It is designed so that when water passes rapidly through the chamber in a turbulent state, electrons are induced into the water. These electrons cause changes to the behavior of the minerals and salts in the water, which not only improves your water quality but eliminates many water problems such as limescale and corrosion build-up on fixtures and appliances and inside your water heater. In comparison to conventional chemical-dependent and expensive water conditioning systems, our new turn-key Hard Water Bullet Descaler Water Conditioning system offers a unique chemical-free and environmentally safe technology. Moreover, this descaler uses soft water technology that offers value-added energy and cost–savings by preventing the formation of scale in appliances, equipment, pipes, etc.

Hard Water Bullet "Electro-Mechanical Core"

The Hard Water Bullet has the following effects:

  • Prevention of scale formation on heating elements, cooling plates and of sclerosis due to scale buildup in hot water pipes and boilers.
  • When installed in systems that are prone to the formation of scales, the bullet has a conditioning effect as it assists in the gradual dissolving of the scale (this process may take up to 4 - 6 months, especially if the system is initially in bad condition).
  • The system slows oxidation processes to a halt, thus preventing the formation of rust inside pipes.

As the water passes through the Hard Water Bullet Catalytic Water Conditioner, it is agitated and scrubbed by the specially designed bullet, cast of semi-precious metals. The turbulence of water flowing through this non-ferrous compounds clinging core element strips away adhesive to the minerals and causes the molecular structure of the water to be rearranged, while natural minerals are retained. Water passing through the Hard Water Bullet causes most minerals (except iron) to stay suspended in the water so they cannot form a hard, brittle scale.

This newly treated hard water is now converted into what is known as Aragonite, which is a type of calcium that is harmless and will not build-up on fixtures. The presence of aragonite in the water provides an additional benefit in terms of corrosion protection. A thin film of the soft aragonite, which prevents free oxygen within the water from attacking the metallic components through which the water travels, thus preventing corrosion. The Hard Water Bullet Whole House Chemical Free Water Conditioner uses no chemicals and is environmentally friendly and it maintains water quality and the content of minerals such as calcium and magnesium remains unchanged, which are vitally necessary to life and health. This is contrary to other methods such as water softening by ion exchange, which is using salt (NaCl) with additives; they are less suitable for households because of environmental and health reasons and unwanted increased salts dosage in the wastewater. The Hard Water Bullet requires no salt and will not waste water and saves you money on purchasing salt. The Hard Water Bullet water conditioner is economical and is an excellent alternative. It’s easy to install, uses no electricity, and uses no chemicals which may be unsafe to drink.

Hard Water Bullet Benefits:

  • Is environmentally friendly and will not contaminate wastewater.
  • The installation is easy and without any additional costs. Once your Hard Water Bullet is installed you can almost forget about it, because it is almost maintenance-free. What's more, it will deliver a continuous supply of water, and there are no moving parts to wear out. Furthermore, it requires no salt and there are no messy cartridges to replace or worry about. (It is recommended once a year to service the bullet's core with cleaning vinegar).
  • Protects dishwashers and washing machines from scale, components last longer, less maintenance.
  • Protects water heaters, adds years to their lifetime.
  • Stops scale in piping and valves removes existing scale, improves water pressure.
  • Eliminates scale build-up on solar collectors and extends the life of the equipment.
  • Removes scale build-up in coffee makers, plumbing fixtures.
  • Requires no power.
  • Requires no chemicals.
  • Requires minimal space.
  • Lasts a lifetime.
  • Treats harmful hard water that causes limescale build-up in appliances, plumbing, and sinks.

The Hard Water Bullet water conditioner reduces pool chemicals by approximately 50%!


The Hard Water Bullet can be installed horizontally or vertically and should be located in an area that will not freeze and can be easily accessed for regular maintenance.



The bullet core can be easily removed for inspection and cleaning if necessary by simply unscrewing the end and sliding it out, By simply soaking and brushing the core using cleaning vinegar and rinsing under running water for about one minute once every 8-12 months will keep the metallic bullet in optimum condition.

If your tired of carrying salt or just don't want to use salt-based water softer in your home, then our Hard Water Bullet Chemical Free Whole House Water Conditioner might be just the solution you are looking for!



Please read our customer testimonials HERE


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