Hard Water Solutions and Well Water Problems

Filter Water Direct offers Well Water Problems Information, Natural Hard Water Solutions, and information to assist you in your research if you have Hard Water Problems. Be sure and check our latest Salt-Free Water Conditioning Blog for how you can go "Green" with your water treatment system. You can also go directly to our Entire Product Catalog by clicking HERE. We are very proud to be the exclusive supplier of the Portable Limescale Conditioner And RV Water Softener and HARD WATER BULLET. These Eco-Friendly water conditioners use catalytic technology to convert regular calcium limescale into harmless aragonite crystals. We specialize in "Green Water Treatment Systems" that treat and remove bad odors and strong smells along with metals such as iron and elements that create calcium scale hardness from your water without the use of salt or harmful chemicals. Are you looking for Hard Water Treatment products to treat Calcium? Look no further because we pride ourselves in selling only saltless and chemical-free water systems. Get started with our brand new Saltless Hard Water Bullet.

For the past century, salt-based water softeners have universally been used to treat hard water. With recent advanced technology, the Poly Hard Water Filter has replaced outdated salt-based water softeners with a safe, effective, environmentally friendly solution for hard water problems.

Saltless Water Softeners have been around for several years but have not really gained in popularity until the last ten years. This is because the old salt-based softener has always filled the need and worked well for the purpose. This began to change several years ago as people are becoming more aware of their health and environmental issues. While salt-based water softeners do a great job of removing the calcium hardness from your water, they also leave behind chloride that leaves your water tasting funny not to mention the sodium you might be drinking. Some people use Reverse Osmosis systems for drinking water and they are also excellent at removing nearly everything from your water including the beneficial minerals. For hard water treatment, using a Saltless Water Softener is a very practical idea and inexpensive as well as easy to install.


Is Your Hard Water Damaging Your Fixtures and Appliances?

Please read Common Water Problems And Their Corrections to help you determine the correct equipment you will need to resolve the issue. We offer an assortment of high-quality Water Softener Alternative Systems including Calcium Scale Control products and Salt-Free Water Conditioners along with several other Hard Water Filter systems and Iron Water Filters for treating your hard water. Click HERE for information to assist you in choosing the correct Hard Water Conditioner for your specific need. Our main goal is to provide you with accurate Information in helping you research your specific need and to provide you with the highest quality salt-free water softeners available today. We specialize in both Well Water Systems and City Water Systems with hard water treatment solutions for those who are on well water and city water, treating Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Calcium, Manganese, and Lime Scale. And we offer a full line of Sterling Water Filters cartridge replacements as well as most other brands of water filters.

Which Hard Water Treatment System Is Right For You?

If you’re like most people, you may be overwhelmed, and maybe a little confused, and we know how you feel! We have seen major changes in this industry and it becomes a challenge for even the professional to stay on top of all of the newest technology. We have personally used every Salt Free product on this site, and can guarantee you that we only sell what we feel really works. We offer several salt-free conditioners for nearly every possible application.

Even though our Salt Free Water Softener business is based in Lakeview Arkansas, we ship products all across the USA and even the globe! Filter Water Direct Your "GREEN" Water Conditioning Specialists