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Water Softener Alternatives

We specialize in Water Softener Alternatives like our Liquid Dosing Softener

Almost all of our customers are looking for non-conventional Water Softener Alternatives, searching for a system that will eliminate the need for salt and the need to regenerate wasting water and leaving sodium in their drinking water. Our Liquid Dosing Softener, which works much like a Polyphosphate Filter Cartridge may be just what you’re looking for because of its compact design and economical cost. This water softening system simply installs into your water system "up-line" of your water heater and house plumbing system and injects a small amount of softening liquid into your water supply as needed. This allows the homeowner to enjoy softened water without the use of a conventional softener and requires no floor space.

Our liquid softener injects a Complexing Agent that delivers excellent performance by dissolving organic and inorganic scale. It is readily biodegradable and non-toxic. The Complexing Agent liquid is injected into the water supply as needed, attaches itself to the calcium and magnesium in your water then binds it which keeps metals and minerals from attaching itself to your plumbing and appliances, rendering your water harmless. Using a dosing softener has many benefits including:

  • Eliminates the use of salt
  • No Regeneration Needed
  • Environmentally Friendly GREEN Product
  • 100% Biodegradable And Non-Toxic
  • No NTA’S or EDTA’S

This softening system was first designed and used in Europe and recently introduced to the USA and has rapidly grown in popularity. It simply hangs on the wall, plugs into a 120 volt outlet and hold 1 gallon of softening liquid. 1 gallon will typically last a family of four for about 1 year. The bottom unscrews and you can add more softening liquid as needed. Our Liquid Dosing Softener is also an excellent Water Softener Alternative for the RV or boat and can be used in conjunction with our Calcium Scale Reduction Systems. The Liquid Dosing Softener System includes brass connectors and 1 gallon of liquid softening agent. You can always count on Filter Filter Water Direct.Com to bring you the latest technology in Water Treatment Devises.