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Sterling Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

Sterling Water Treatment offers several different filter cartridges in its water filter product line. Included are sediment, taste & Odor, and several specialty cartridges. These filters are available in cotton spun, GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), and pleated paper. The number and configuration of the filters depend on the water quality.  It’s recommended that your Sterling Water Filters be changed every six months for maximum conditioner protection. Some installations have three filters instead of two, usually a combination of sediment and GAC cartridges. Filter Water Direct offers many of the exact match replacement cartridges for several size housings. To check on the availability and prices of these water filter cartridges, please go to Sterling Water Systems HERE.

To replace the cartridges you will need to turn off and de-pressurize the plumbing system by opening up a faucet after you turn off your water supply. If you’re lucky enough to have a by-pass installed for your Sterling Water Filters, then you can simply bypass the filters without turning off your water supply. Once you have the water bypassed or turned off, then you will want to press the red button on top of the housing lid (If you have one). This bottom will release the pressure on the canister itself. Use your housing wrench to unscrew the blue housing and while you’re at it take a few extra minutes and clean the inside of the housing with a water/bleach solution.

Re-install the new cartridge filter and use a little silicone grease or Vaseline on the threads and O-ring. Screw the housing back on and just snug it up, do not over tighten it. It’s fairly common for people to over-tighten the housing which can actually stretch the O-ring and it will no longer seal, causing the canister to leak.