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Salt Free Water Softener Systems

Replace Your Old Water Softener With A Salt-Free Water Softener

Salt-Free Water Softener Systems are available in a variety of styles and include systems that use induction coils Digital Water Softeners that wrap around your pipes and "Pulverize" the hardness minerals and our Electro-Mechanical-Core to change the state of the water rendering the Calcium virtually harmless. Our Scale Reduction System is also an excellent example of a conditioner that requires no salt or other harmful chemicals and does not need to regenerate wastewater. Because these Water Treatment Systems are relativity new, and salt-based water softeners have been around for decades, most consumers do not understand the science behind these products and are rightfully skeptical of them. It's not hard to find articles online that downplay these conditioners and usually these articles are incorrect and lack real science-backed data. I recommend that you do your own research before making a final decision. The fact of the matter is that most of the Salt-Free Water Softener Systems that are readily available today do exactly as they claim, with the exception of Magnets (This is just my opinion). We have extensive information on this site about magnets so I won’t go into detail here concerning them. Most of these systems will cost close to the same, ranging from $500.00 to $1200.00, and are relatively easy to install. You should do your research and then decide if you’re capable of installing the system yourself or if you will need a professional to perform the installation. Our Digital Water Softener can be easily installed by most homeowners because you do not have to perform any plumbing. Plumbing skills will be necessary if you decide on our Scale Reduction System or our Sterling System. You should keep in mind that if you are considering one of these systems, they do not, nor are they capable of removing the calcium hardness from your water as a salt-based water softener will. They are designed to alter the state of the calcium so it is harmless and you retain the nutritional benefit of the water. A salt-based system removes the calcium but leaves harmful sodium behind in your water. They also waste about 55 gallons of water every time they regenerate and pollute our environment. Water Softener Alternatives have gained popularity in the last several years because of EPA restrictions on Salt Based Water Softeners in some larger cities and their inability to remove salt brine from municipal wastewater systems. This concern continues to grow and as consumers become smarter about using Green Products they are looking for water treatment products that save water and won't contaminate our water and soil. Filter Water Direct constantly looks for environmentally friendly products that treat your water without using salt or chemicals and salt-free water conditioners are here to stay and will continue to grow in consumer popularity as they become more accepted and understood and we offer several different types of Salt-Free Water Softeners to choose from.