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My Sterling Water Conditioner is not working and I see the company is out of business, now what?

Sterling Water Systems closed the Wichita Ks-based business in May of 2015. Repair parts for the ICT20 and ICT30 are only available through local parts sourcing. In the event you have issues with your Sterling Water Conditioner, please review the service/cleaning instructions that came with the system when it was purchased. Simply cleaning the system will solve the issue much of the time. I created a video you can view HERE for service instructions.

After you clean the system following the instructions and the system still will not function, then you will need to replace it with a similar product. The Poly Scale Hard Water Filter or the Hard Water Bullet will easily fit in Sterling’s place as it is much shorter and requires no electricity. The sterling system was originally approximately 36” long and the ICT20 had pre-assembled 2” PVC unions on each end designed for ¾” and 1” water line.

The Hard Water Bullet HWB1 and the Poly Scale Hard Water Filter will fit ¾” water line and is only 10” long so some minor modifications will be required.

Both of these products are similar in how they function, converting calcium into aragonite. The Sterling was an electrical product that used a built-in cathode and anode, while the Hard Water Bullet and Poly Scale Hard Water Filter utilize an Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner that adds electrons to the water as the water passes through the core.

So if your Sterling system malfunctions, and can’t be repaired, you now have an alternative salt free water treatment product to take its place