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Thinking about purchasing a magnetic water softener?

Let discuss the magnetic water softener. They seem kind of neat because they really require no maintenance, mainly because there are no moving parts.

The concept behind these water treatment devises is that by clamping them to your pipe, you change the composition of the water, and it magically softens your water.

Years ago, I remember going through a fuel shortage, I guess this was back in the 1970’s, and I remember seeing and hearing about a magnet that you clamped to your fuel line, this supposedly placed a magnetic charge on the fuel, which caused it to burn more efficiently.

People went crazy over them, but there was never any real research to back up the claims made.

The only thing that story has to do with what were talking about right now, that is using magnets to enhance fuel economy, or in this case water hardness,is that there really is no rock solid research to show us that a magnetic water softener really will solve your hard water problems.

Magnetic water conditioners have no scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness. However, there is substantial proof to illustrate the ineffectiveness of magnetic water conditioners.

A study conducted by a staff member of Consumer Reports magazine tested the effectiveness of the magnetic water conditioner on water with a hardness of 220 ppm.

He installed the two hot water heaters side-by-side, one with a magnetic water treatment device and one without.

After two years, the staff member went back and cut open the two tanks to see the difference in scale build up. Predictably, there was no difference.

I guess what I'm saying here is that if you really do your research about a Magnetic Water Softener, you will likely come to the same conclusion I came up with ;-)