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Answers to Hard Water Solutions

We have compiled a list of common questions and answers to Hard water solutions and how the Poly Hard Water Filter and Hard Water Bullet will perform in your home. We realize that you may be just beginning to do research at this point, and this will be a great place to begin. I research hard water solutions nearly every day and I could see where a person could get to the point where they really don't know what to believe, and become very confused. If you would like to talk to me personally to discuss potential hard water solutions, I invite you to call me. Helping you with answers and information to hard water solutions is what we do!


Questions and answers for hard water solutions:

How does the Poly Hard Water Filter work? / What does the Hard Water Bullet do?

Answer: As water passes through the Water Conditioner, the core has channeled ridges which create a turbulence and this allows electrons to be added to the water and discharged into the water, which decreases the water's surface tension and inhibits the formation of scale and hard water spots from appearing. The technical version is that the Hard Water Conditioner increases the water's Zeta Potential, which keeps mineral particles from coming in contact with one another.

How soon is it before you see results?

Answer: As soon as the Hard Water Filter is installed, the water will be conditioned. However, it will take time to de-scale existing plumbing, just as it took time to coat the pipes with the scale build up. You may notice after the installation that small clumps of scale are coming out of the faucet or are caught in the aerator of the faucet. This is normal and may continue until the plumbing has been de-scaled. (There may be a thin coating on the pipes that will not be removed).

What should you expect from the Hard Water Bullet Conditioner?

Answer: Water treated by the Hard Water Conditioner will not have the slick, slimy feel that a salt-based water softener does. You will be able to reduce the amount of soap, dish washing detergent, laundry detergent and shampoo used, as you would with a salt-based water softener. You will see that existing hard water spots on bathtubs, showers, sinks, and dishes will dissipate and any new hard water spots are easily removed with a damp cloth. Unlike a salt-based water softener the Hard Water Bullet and Hard Water Filter does not use salt and will not inject sodium into the water. Consequently, water conditioned by the these Water Conditioners will not be harmful to plants nor cause skin dryness as a salt-based water softener will. Both of these Water Conditioners alters the crystalline structures of mineral particles contained in water; but does not remove any elements from the water.

Where do the hard water particles go if the Hard Water Conditioner does not regenerate?

Answer: The particles do not go anywhere. All of the particles and chemical elements in the water before the Water Conditioner will still be there after the water passes through the Water Conditioner. The only difference is the increase in Zeta Potential and its consequent impact upon the crystallization properties of the minerals in the water that cause scaling and hard water spots.

How much maintenance is needed?

Answer: These Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioners are designed to provide conditioned water with minimal maintenance. Depending on the quality of the incoming water, the Water Conditioner bullet core may need to be cleaned periodically with vinegar solution to remove any build up on the internal composite materials. You will need to re-fill the Poly Hard Water Filter with 5oz of polyphosphate every several months. The installation manual describes the best installation method for easily cleaning the Conditioner.

What effect will the these Water Conditioners have on water?

Answer: As with any water treatment system, no one system can effectively treat everything in water. These Water Conditioners are designed to treat water with at least 25 grains of hardness.

Will these s Water conditioners eliminate spotting in my dishwasher?

Answer: Jet Dry will still be necessary, depending on your water hardness. However... the spots left behind will be easily removed with a soft towel, and are really only powder spots.