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Hard Water Bullet Chemical Free Hard Water Filter

A Hard Water Filter Is An Economical Solution To Your Calcium Scale Buildup Problem

Our Hard Water Bullet will deliver outstanding chemical-free hard water treatment solutions for limescale problems in your home, business, and even RV. The simple design of this limescale filter makes it easy to install and service too. This is a Catalytic Water Conditioner that works similar to our Hard Water Filter which also has a catalytic electro-mechanical core, but this system is much more compact and less cost. It is available in two sizes 3/4" and 1/", with brass hydrant/garden hose nipples allowing for easy installation. It works excellent for "Point-Of-Use" needs such as car washing because you can simply screw it on a garden hose and take it with you wherever you need treated water.

How It Works It's made from a stainless steel casing that contains a non-ferrous special alloy insert that is forged with curved multiple ventures passageways with rough extrusions which prevent the cohesion that exists between waterborne mineral particles. This alloy is composed of different precious and semi-precious metals that, together, make the cores extremely hard and highly resistant to corrosion.

The system is installed into the inlet water line and requires no maintenance. No need to change any parts. It is designed so that when water passes rapidly through the chamber in a turbulent state, electrons are induced into the water. These electrons cause changes to the behavior of the minerals and salts in the water, which not only improves your water quality but eliminates many water problems. As water flows through the channeled passages in the alloy insert, the calcium hardness turns into harmless particles that will not cling or stick to your fixtures or plumbing.

The animated graphic below shows calcium and magnesium flowing through the alloy insert converting them to harmless particles.

HWB Hard Water Filter Benefits

  • Protect and lengthen the lifetime of fixtures, water heaters, and appliances
  • Improve water pressure as the existing scale breaks up and flushes from your plumbing
  • Low initial investment
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Water quality remains unchanged as it keeps the minerals in your water
  • Installs easily
  • Removes existing scale

The Hard Water Bullet is: chemical-free, environmentally friendly, keeps water quality and the content of minerals unchanged, easy installation, uses no electricity. The Hard Water Bullet is truly the next generation of Catalytic Water Conditioners that are chemical-free hard water treatment technology and you can always count on Filter Water Direct.Com to bring you these new water treatment products! Please note: This is our 3/4" system and works for most residential applications and RV installations. Click HERE for more information on our Hard Water Filter and its many uses!