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Poly Salt Free Water Softener

Researched many different products trying to avoid a water softener system. I discovered the technology was sound and made the purchase. Installation was straight forward (I have a pex system with a manifold) shut off main inside house, close down the feeds to fixtures, installed fittings on unit and added second shut off for isolation. Brought everything online and had some issues with leaks for my fittings, a little additional tightening took care of most of it but did have a leak at their "t" fitting. I contacted my service representative mr. Morris and he responded quickly, turned unit 360 degrees per his instructions and waited 24 hours. This corrected most of the leak but after several days it wouldn't stop. I contacted him again and he is sending a slightly different unit, bullet 2.0 if you will. My dishes have lost the white film, my dishwasher no longer looks like someone spilled soap all over and my skin has lost that dry itchy feeling. Clothes are softer and I don't expect calcium build up on my sinks any longer. If you have hard water I would recommend you try this before adding salt into your water.


I no longer have a black residue build-up with the Poly Scale Hard water Conditioner water softener. I’ve tried the Scalewatcher, and it is not as good as this system. Water is every bit as soft as water treated from a salt based system, without the slimy feel.

There is no salt or regeneration :) Love this water conditioner!

I’ve tried a number of these products, Scalewatcher, Krystal ect. and a salt based softener, and I reckon the poly hard water conditioner is the best of all. Water is actually a better quality than any of the previously mentioned systems. It will descale your water system and inhibit the growth of black mould. No slippery feel either, a problem with salt based systems.

I no longer have hard water lime scale building up in my dishwasher of shower head. Its really an amazing product and eco-friendly, and its ideal for my septic system because it does not need to regenerate. Thank you Filter Water Direct!

Well Brad, I had the Poly Hard Water Conditioner system installed two weeks ago, and it seems to be doing its thing. No more white precipitated calcium in the coffee pot. Bill

I love it! Fantastic!! As soon as we installed it, a ton of sludge was released from my faucets. The water ran black for several minutes, sand, sediment and (I assume)calcium came out. Though you did not even claim this would happen. It was astounding! (I drank that?) Now I can easily tell my water is much better (no build up in the electric pot, less spots, etc) yet the minerals are still there - and I think I can kind of see that. So nothing was added or removed, no need for salts , no moving parts, and I retain my mineral rich water without ruining my pipes and appliances. Yeah, I love it. Thanks, Adrienne

B. Eubanks of Ohio writes: "Hi I just want to let you know that the water system I had installed in Aug Is working like a charm. No more calcium build-up my faucets and shower head...amazing!!!! Would recommend it to anyone having a problem with calcium in their water. Thanks!!"

I installed your Poly Hard Water Conditioner last July and am writing to tell you of the results of using this filter.  We live in southwest Texas and have well water with a very high calcium content.  The calcium has ruined my on-demand hot water heater and my Ultra-violet bacteria filter (UV), as well as clogging shower heads and faucet aerators. 


Before using the  Poly Hard Water Conditioner, I would check my UV filter every three months and the glass sleeve over the UV bulb would be coated with a hard white calcium crust, which had to be scraped off and soaked in a calcium removing solution.  After installing the Poly Water Conditioner, I have continued to check the UV filter every three months, for nine months, and the glass sleeve is completely clear, without a trace of the white calcium deposit.  Adding the Poly Conditioner was the only change to the water system, so the poly conditioner is the only reason the calcium is not coming out of solution and sticking to various components in the water system.


I understand that I was your first customer for thePoly Hard Water Conditioner, and I thank you for your analysis of my water, and your advice and counsel.  And, thank you for providing this product.



Ed M

It has been about 6 Months since purchasing my Poly Hard Water Bullet and I could not be happier. Prior to the installation shower heads and faucets would cake up with scale, I would have to buy a new coffee maker every 3 Months. It is just amazing. It took 5 Months for my pipes to clean out the scale. Now there is a very light colored spot where the water spots dry , but wipes up very easily. I used to have to clean my bath tub after every use and not any more it just stays nice an clean.  I would definitely give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

Picked up my Poly Hard Water Bullet Conditioner from Filter Water Direct and installed it. Before I turned the water on I changed the water heater anode, cleaned all faucets, screens, coffee pot, shower head and other waterlines. I turned the water on and now for two months I have zero scale on my glass shower sliding door and zero scale on my Keurig coffee pot. The product is awesome! Thank you Brad for a wonderful product as I am a full-time RV'er and I enjoy the savings on cleaning supplies.

We had a bad problem with white scale stuff on the walls around the shower and in the dishwasher within a couple days of putting it in my wife said the dishwasher was clean and the dishes had a lot less spots on them and the white stuff around the shower was gone also and has not returned in the couple months we've had it.
I really didn't think it would do that much but I am completely satisfied and have recommend it

Works exactly as described! Great product.
We purchased this product directly from the vendor's websitewww.filterwaterdirect.com. But since I researched it on Amazon before actually purchasing, I wanted to follow-up with my review for others that may be considering it.

Our Poly Salt Free Water Conditioner has been installed for just a week. We noticed a difference immediately in our water quality. We have well water, which tastes great, but leaves water stains on surfaces and build up on our shower, kitchen and bath fixtures. Immediately I noticed that the hard water staining on drain hardware was diminished. The shower glass no longer has to be scrubbed, just wiped dry. And if we miss doing it, it's easy to remove the water stains at a later time. We did not want to get a softener as we like our water taste, the water tests well and we do not like the feel of softened water, not to mention the expense and hassle of hauling and refilling salt. We are more than pleased with this product. It works as described on the website. If you don't want a salt based softener and just want to remove or reduce the effects of hard water, this is a great product. Thank you Brad!