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Water Heater Aluminum Anode Rod Will Help Eliminate Odor In Water

Our Water Heater Aluminum Anode Rod can be installed in most water heaters for the elimination of Smelly Rotten Egg Odor in your hot water.

This replacement anode has a hex nut on top and 3/4" NPT threaded nipple for easy installation.

The downside to Aluminum Anode's in water heaters, is that they break down much faster than other metal anodes, the best rod being magnesium. When the anode in a hot water heater breaks down, it causes corrosion in the tank which ultimately leads to a leaky water tank. Most brands of hot water heaters, already come with aluminum anodes. It is more difficult to find a hot water heater without an aluminum anode these days, than it its to find a tank with one.

If you already have a hot water tank with an aluminum anode and still have smelly hot water, CLICK HERE for additional information on Smelly Hot water.