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Common Questions And Answers

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Calcium Scale Reduction System Questions:

How much maintenance is required? The system itself will not require any maintenance because it has no moving parts. The pre-filter set will require a cartridge replacement about every three months.

Can I install this system myself? You will need basic plumbing skills because you will be installing it into your main water line. It can be hooked up with copper or plastic fittings whichever you prefer.

How long will this system last? You can expect a minimum of ten years service from the Calcium Scale Reduction System.

My water is very hard, will it work for me? This depends on your actual water hardness. We recommend a water test before you purchase this system so you know your purchasing the correct size system for your particular needs. We offer a free water test if you don't have access to a water test locally.

Is the water drinkable after it's treated through the Calcium Scale Reduction System? Yes. This system will not add or remove anything from your water, it simply breaks the calcium hardness down into Arogonite, which is a harmless form of calcium that will not allow lime scale to form.

How do I choose the correct size system? Our basic system will handle water up to 25 grains per gallon at 10 gallons per minute and includes 3/4" installation tails. If your water is harder than 25 grains, then you should call us and allow us to assist you in choosing the correct size system.

Where should I install this in my home? As far up-line as possible to allow it to treat as much as possible.

What is the warranty? One year on the entire system.

Electronic Digital Water Softener

How hard of water will this system treat? We recommend that your water is 25 grains per gallon or less for best results.

Can I install this on steel pipe? No, it must be installed on copper or plastic. If you have steel pipe, you can splice a 12" piece of plastic and then install your wire wrap on the splice.

What is the maximum pipe size I can install this system on? 1-1/4" is the largest pipe size.

What makes this system any better than some cheaper ones I see on the internet? Our Electronic Water Softener is the strongest available in the industry.

Our Electronic Water Softener Specifications:
• 12 Watts (Most Systems Are Only 6 Watts)
• 18 Volts (Most Systems Are 12 Volts)
• 4000 Milliamps (Most Systems Are 5 Milliamps)
• Metal Housing (Most Systems Are Plastic)
• Digital (Most Systems Are Analog)

What is the warranty? 6 month total satisfaction and five years on all parts.

Will this system begin to dissolve existing build-up? Yes, this process can take two or three months depending on the amount of build-up you have in your water heater and fixtures.

Is this expensive to run? No, just pennies per week.

Can I install this myself? Yes, very clear instructions are included and common hand tools are needed. Installation should take less that 30 minutes.

Sterling Water Conditioner

Will the Sterling Conditioner work for me? The Sterling System will work as described and works best for water that is less than 25 grains per gallon.

How does this system work? It works by breaking down the hardness in your water into arogonite, which will not allow lime scale to form.

Will the calcium stay in suspension, or will it reform if the water is not used for a few days? The calcium will be converted in arogonite permanently.

Does this system require any maintenance? Yes, about twice per year you will need to pour vinegar into the Sterling allowing it to clean the cathode and anode from calcium build-up.

Can I install this system myself? You will need basic plumbing skills because you will need to install it into your main water inlet line. It will include 1" plastic union connectors on each end.

Whole House Iron Water Filter Questions:

Does this Iron Water Filter require any maintenance? No, it will not require any chemicals or filter replacement. It is completely maintenance free.

How much water will this system use during back wash? It will use 65 gallons of water per cycle. Cycles occur every third day at 2 AM.

Will this filter remove the rotten egg odor from my water? Yes, it is designed to remove Iron, manganese and smell from your water.

Portable / RV Water Conditioner Questions:

Does this conditioner require any maintenance? The only maintenance required will be removing one end cap and sliding the core out, using a wire brush to clean any iron residue from the core. If you have iron in your water, you might need to perform this task two or three times per year but it will only take a few minutes to complete.

How long will this conditioner last? It is made from stainless steel and brass, it will never rust or corrode so it should last decades.

What is the warranty? One year from purchase date.

Can it be used for other applications other than RVs? Yes, many customers use this conditioner in humidifiers, misters, boilers and point-of-use applications like washing the car with it.

Is it available in larger sizes? Yes, it is also available in a 1" model and a rotary self cleaning filter model.

What is the maximum gallon per minute for this 3/4" conditioner? About 7 gallon per minute. If you need more gallons per minute you might be interested in our Hard Water Descaler Filter.

What is the maximum hardness that this descaler will treat? We recommend that your water be less than 25 grains per gallon.

How often will I need to rotate the filter? Depending on the quality of your water, about once a month is normal.

How long will this conditioner last? The filter housing has three years of rotate marks, after that you can just clean it monthly without marking the housing. The core is made from several precious metals and will last for decades.

What is the maximum gallons per minute through this conditioner? About 20 gallons per minute.