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Choosing The Saltless Hard Water Conditioner That Is Best Suited For You

There is not one single answer to the question; Which Saltless Hard Water Conditioner do I need? This all depends on several things including your actual water hardness, the size of plumbing where you will be installing the new system, gallons per minute needed, and other specifics like if you're on municipal water or well water. It's very common for customers to call us and not really know which system they need. We know it's a little confusing for us to offer several systems that really deliver similar results, but each of these systems differs in how they install, and what they cost. We always try to direct our customers toward the least expensive system that will suit their needs. Here is some information you need to know when choosing a Hard Water Conditioner for your home or business: Will you be installing it yourself or will you be having a professional install it? An example would be the installation of a Digital Electronic Conditioner. It's easy to install and requires no special plumbing skills, whereas our Hard Water Descaler Filter would require plumbing skills because you have to install it into the waterline. Most of our products easily handle water hardness up to 25-30 Grains Per Gallon, some require 120 volts and most are mostly maintenance-free, which is another big question. Do you care if the system is maintenance-free?. Our Hard Water Bullet requires no electricity and requires that you only clean it with vinegar once or twice a year. Do you have iron in your water? If you are on a well, and iron is present in your water, then our Calcium Scale Reduction System might not be the best fit for your application because it's not very tolerant to iron, but on the other hand, all of our other products are iron tolerant. So again, here is a list of what you need to know when choosing the correct salt-free system:

  • What is your actual water hardness (We offer a free water test, click HERE for more information?
  • Will you be installing it yourself, or have a professional install it?
  • How much space do you have where it will be installed? Some of our systems take up much more space than others we offer.
  • What size plumbing will you be installing the system on/into?
  • Are you on well water or municipal water?
  • Do you have iron in your water?

The best thing to do if you are still uncertain is to Contact Us because we are always ready to assist you with information to help you choose the best Hard Water Conditioner for your situation.