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Comparing And Understanding Whole House Iron Water Filters

Back is the 70s and even the 80s, if you owned a Whole House Iron Water Filter, you had to constantly maintain the filter by cleaning it with harmful chemicals every so often. These chemicals were bad to breathe, and if you spilled some on you, they would burn your skin. But it was the only way you could effectively remove the iron from your water. Now days, you have a variety of options, most of which are much more effective and much safer to use.

Comparing Electronic Water Softeners

One thing's for sure, if you have been searching and trying to compare Electronic Water Softeners on-line, you might go cross eyed and you are probably completely confused. This is because of all of the information available (Some true and some not...), and if you're like most, you finally settle on a site that you think looks nice and has the best deal on a water conditioner, and your probably tired of looking too.

Learning To Manage Hard Water In Your Home

Hard water in your home can usually be managed without the use of salt based water softeners if you are willing to take measures to properly maintain fixtures, glass and appliances. This will take some effort on your part and consistent action every few weeks, depending on your water hardness. Several quality products including "Lime-Out", "The Works", and good old fashioned vinegar will usually clean and remove build-up from fixtures and appliances.

Salt Free Water Treatment

This will be the first of what I hope will be a very long string of useful information blogs relating to the control and removal of Lime Scale Build-up, and Iron in your well water and city water supplies. I live in a small town in Douglass Ks where my water ranges in hardness from 18-30 grains per gallon, which is more than hard enough to cause my new water heater to fail just two years after installation.