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Salt Free Water Treatment

This will be the first of what I hope will be a very long string of useful information blogs relating to the control and removal of Lime Scale Build-up, and Iron in your well water and city water supplies. I live in a small town in Douglass Ks where my water ranges in hardness from 18-30 grains per gallon, which is more than hard enough to cause my new water heater to fail just two years after installation. Even though I have sold and serviced ion exchange systems (Salt Water Softeners) for many years, I did not want one in my new house because I don't like the way the water tastes, and I didn't want the hassle of the salt. So I opted to go without. After this episode with the water heater, I realized that I needed to do something real fast, or I'd be replacing the water heater again. To add to this, all of my expensive faucets and shower heads were showing severe sign of calcium lime scale build-up too. This is when I decided to focus on just one aspect of the water treatment business, that was to explore and research Salt Free Water Treatment Systems, trying several in my own home before actually adding them to this website. I have tried over a dozen systems, but currently only offer four that I'm pleased with. As time goes by, we will continue to test and hopefully add more systems to our offering of products. Chemical Free Water Conditioning certainly has some critics and skeptics, and rightfully so. There have been a variety of products marketed for several years that claim to soften water without the use of salt or chemicals, and because of these "Snake Oil" products, many people are skeptical of this industry. Only until recently, (About 12 years ago) has science actually began to really work on the idea of Salt Free Water Treatment, and creating systems that actually do what they say, that is to reduce and eliminate hard water lime scale. Notice I didn't say "Remove" calcium from the water? This is because these systems will not remove the calcium hardness, but instead they break down the calcium into Aragonite and render the calcium harmless while leaving it in the water as a nutritional benefit to the user.