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Comparing Electronic Water Softeners

One thing's for sure, if you have been searching and trying to compare Electronic Water Softeners on-line, you might go cross eyed and you are probably completely confused. This is because of all of the information available (Some true and some not...), and if you're like most, you finally settle on a site that you think looks nice and has the best deal on a water conditioner, and your probably tired of looking too. I am writing this because I really hope you do your do diligence, ask the right questions and compare these devises and make a quality purchase. Unfortunately, almost all consumers of these systems really have no clue what to ask or what to look for to make a quality purchase. This is because of creative marketing, flashy web-sites and in some cases, very low prices. Let's go through what you really need to know, and the right questions to ask of the companies your thinking about buying an Electronic Water Softener from. First and foremost, you need to know the MA raring of the product, this will vary from 5MA to 4000MA. Your thinking "What is a MA?" This stands for Milliamp, (one thousandth of an amp). This is critical because this is how much power the unit is actually putting out into the water and the more power, the better results. 5MA = 0.005 Ampres and 4000MA = 4 Ampres. So what is an Ampre (Amp)? It's the driving force behind electricity. The more Amps, the more forceful the electricity works. Next is Analog VS Digital. The best units are Digital, use high quality electronic components and are housed in metal boxes. When your comparing, you will see most of these devises made from plastic. Your also looking for a product that is rated no less than 12 Watts, 18 volts. This again is pertaining to the available power that the softener can produce. If they are even willing to talk to you about this information, don't be surprised if they have lots of excuses as to why they still have the better unit. Don't let them tell you that they have the better unit because they have the best price!, Unfortunately, I take many calls for dissatisfied customers that would never purchase another one of the systems again, just because they didn't know enough in the beginning to make a quality purchase, and it came down to the best price. Prices will range from $99.00 to $999.00. And you guessed it, the higher priced units are advertised on national TV, what could that be adding to the price tag? You are now armed to make a quality purchase decision, just take your time and make them give you answers! You deserve it :)