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Comparing And Understanding Whole House Iron Water Filters

Back is the 70s and even the 80s, if you owned a Whole House Iron Water Filter, you had to constantly maintain the filter by cleaning it with harmful chemicals every so often. These chemicals were bad to breathe, and if you spilled some on you, they would burn your skin. But it was the only way you could effectively remove the iron from your water. Now days, you have a variety of options, most of which are much more effective and much safer to use. Some options are so efficient that the iron filter is actually maintenance free and super economical. But even with this change in available filters, it's easy to get confused when your researching these water filters because you still have several options and choices to make. I have listed some of the most popular methods and systems below as well as what I feel are the advantages and disadvantages to each of these iron water filter systems. Iron can be oxidized using more than one method. Chlorine injection can oxidize iron with the use of a chemical injection feeder pump. The problem with this method is that in certain situations, it can actually turn blonde hair orange, and I personally don't like injecting any chemical into my drinking water supply, even though that most filters remove most of the chlorine with the use of a carbon filter. The best rule of thumb here is not to inject chlorine or any other chemical into your drinking water unless you just have to. Pyrolox Systems has been popular for many years, but it has several disadvantages. This filter media is an oxygenizing media but over time it tends to bunch, loses mineral and becomes less effective and it is much more susceptible to PH issues and generally tends to burn out faster. New variations or this media are sometimes called Terminox and can be about 20% more effective. Greensand filter Systems require the use of Potassium Permanganate to cleanse the media bed. This is not acceptable due to the fact that it is really poison that your treating your Whole House Iron Water Filter With. Remember that you're talking about your drinking water here. As mentioned in the first paragraph in this blog, using chemicals to clean your filter bed is old technology and you simply don't need to do this anymore. . Birm Iron Filters are safe to use, and normally don't require the use of additional chemicals, assuming you have PH ranging more than 8.0. If your PH is lower than 8.0, you could have problems with manganese causing the filter to be ineffective. Also if you have the need for chlorination due to bacteria in your water. Also the Birm media will only last for about two years max, and you will need to pay to have it replaced. This really is not a permanent solution to your problem. Air injection Systems coupled with the use of Zeoprep media is by far the most effective and economical way to treat and remove the iron in your well water. Using an Iron Water Filter that uses air injection coupled with Zeoprep Media is a safe and effective way of removing the ferric and ferrous iron in your water without the use of chemicals or additional maintenance. These systems oxidize the iron and store it in the filter media bed until it is rinsed and discharged down the drain in the middle of the night. The waste water is non-toxic and harmless. The homeowner simply sets the correct time of day in the timer and the timer defaults to a 2AM regeneration every three days. No maintenance, no chemicals, lasts indefinitely, and truly a "Green " product. My favorite is the Air Injection Whole House Iron Water Filter systems for all of the above reasons.