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Hard Water Bullet Is A Chemical Free Water Conditioner

Our Hard Water Bullet is a chemical free whole house water conditioner that is designed to last a life time. The system's housing consists of a stainless steel casing with either stainless of bronze ends and a metallic bullet core made up of several metals containing a non-ferrous, special alloy forged into curved multiple ventures' passageways. This alloy is composed of different precious and semi precious metals that, together, make the cores extremely hard and highly resistant to corrosion. The system is installed into the water line and requires almost no maintenance. It is designed that when water passes rapidly through the chamber in a turbulent state, electrons are induced into the water. These electrons cause changes to the behavior of the minerals and salts in the water, which not only improves your water quality but eliminates many water problems such as lime scale and corrosion build-up on fixtures and appliances and your water heater. Filter Water Direct is proud to be the exclusive distributor of this new environmentally friendly water conditioner, This new technology requires no salt or chemicals and is nearly maintenance free. It uses catalytic technology to convert un-treated calcium into harmless arogonite crystals which protect your plumbing fixtures and appliances for limescale build-up. Read more HERE