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Treating Your Water With Our Hard Water Descaler Filter

Out of all of the products we offer, my favorite is our Hard Water Descaler , and this is because it is fairly easy to install, not too costly and requires no chemicals or salt to treat your calcium. This is a new product for us and it has really taken off. This hard water descaler actually is a very compact conditioner that uses a water treatment core built inside which breaks down the calcium as the water flows through the filter. This really solves two issues with just one single system. That being space consumption and complexity of installation. The water treatment core is made up from several precious metals that cause a reaction to occur as water hardness particles flow through the cores channels, it actually "scrubs" the water as the water flows through it. The results are astonishing to say the least, you will feel a noticeable difference in your water and see a noticeable difference in your appliances and fixtures too. Another great advantage is the space it requires. This conditioner is only 10" long so it fits nice and neat just about anywhere you need it. Maintenance? None other than just removing the bullet core every couple of years and cleaning it with a wire brush. No electricity required and no parts to replace ever! Our Hard Water Descaler Filter is designed to treat water up to 25 grains per gallon at 20 gallons per minute which is more than enough for most residential applications. Filter Water Direct will always strive to bring our customers the most innovative chemical free Hard Water Solutions.