Why Buy a Sterling Water Conditioner?

No Salt is Needed:
Salt for an average household, costs $200 per year. Salt based water softeners are expensive, time consuming, and overall, VERY inconvenient.

Protects Your Investments:
The Sterling Water Conditioner not only stops scale from forming but usually removes existing scale... Read More

Filter Water Direct LLC

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Lakeview AR 72642

image: Iron Water Filter Installed
image: Typical Iron Water Filter Installation (rear)
Reverse Osmosis Filter Set
image: Iron Water Filter
image" Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner
image: Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner Disassembled
image: Calcium Scale Reduction System Installation Diagram
Poly-Phosphate Cartridge Kit 10"
Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

For the first couple of years of living full-time in our RV we dealt with the issue of hard water clogging up our kitchen sink aerator and shower head, no telling what it was doing to the plumbing. We never were happy with any of the salt based softeners so we did nothing, until we came upon the Portable RV Water Softener from Filter Water Direct. Inside is a catalytic insert. This technology... Read More