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Poly Triple Action Hard Water Filter Salt Free Hard Water Conditioner

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image: Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner
image: Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner Disassembled image" Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner

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Dimensions: 4.5 in × 4.5 in × 10 in
Weight: 4 lb

Comes ready to install with 6 oz of polyphosphate crystalsUsing this triple action water filter & conditioner system means cleaner, purer and much tastier drinking water. You get three awesome products in one compact filtration system. If you are like most homeowners, you might have several filters, softeners or conditioners installed to perform several tasks including water filtration and hard water treatment/conditioning. Our Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner has all of these features built-in and actually performs three separate functions.

First of all it has a built-in cleanable stainless steel 50 micron filter that is easily removed for service as needed.  No more needing to buy replacement water filters! Second, it uses our Hard Water Bullet which is an “Electro-Mechanical” Catalytic Process water conditioning core that breaks down the calcium hardness in the water into aragonite crystals. Aragonite is a softer form of calcium that will not build-up like untreated limescale, which will eventually damage fixtures, pipes and appliances. Aragonite will also coat the inside of pipes and tanks adding a layer of anti-corrosive protection. Third, it holds 10.5 ounces of polyphosphate crystals which will keep the aragonite and iron in suspension and helps keep spotting from occurring.

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Below is a close-up of the actual catalytic Hard Water Bullet core.

And an animated graphic showing the flow of water through the catalytic core and how the un-treated calcium is converted into harmless Aragonite:


Polyphosphates have long been used in controlling hard water deposits in water systems. It is available in powder, liquid and crystal form. The polyphosphate dissolves into the water as it passes through the conditioners housing and coats the hard water minerals and aragonite making it impossible for these agents to precipitate out of the water and create limescale build up. Basically it ties up the hardness and keeps it in suspension. Polyphosphates have been around many years in different applications ranging from municipal water supplies, commercial applications as well as residential applications, all with excellent success.  

Your Plumber Tells You That Saltfree Softers Do Not Work? Click HERE For An Explanation

Benefits Of Using The Poly Triple Action Hard Water Filter:

  • Compact and light weight.   Can easily be installed where other filters cannot because of limited space
  • Combines three levels of conditioning into one compact system.  Water Filtration, Scale Control and Siliphos Treatment.
  • Protects plumbing systems and water related systems, pipes and appliances (e.g. boilers, washing machines, dish washers, water heaters etc.)
  • Saves electricity costs
  • Will not waste water like conventional water softeners will from backwashing
  • Environmentally friendly, no wasted brine water
  • Healthier than conventional salt based water softeners
  • Cost less to purchase than most water softeners and hard water treatment products


Ideal for septic systems because it does not renenerate, or add salt to your septic system

  • High impact poly filter housing made to last many years and will not rust
  • Permanent stainless steel filter means you won’t be buying filters anymore
  • Life-time Hard Water Bullet catalytic core is manufactured from several hardened metals, nothing to fail
  • 30 GPM high flow design means you will not have decreased water pressure
  • Easy to dissemble and service


How It Works:

First Step:

The incoming water goes through the Hard Water Bullet scale control core to break down the calcium scale into aragonite crystals

Second Step:

The treated water goes through siliphos treatment from polyphosphate crystals.

Third Step:

The conditioned water passes through the stainless steel 50 micron screen filter. 


The Final Result:

Even though the treated calcium has been converted into aragonite, it is kept in suspension because of the addition of the polyphosphates. And you maintain the health benefits of having the minerals left in the water. You will enjoy clean and naturally treated water without using salt to treat your water.


It is recommended that every six months to check the level of polyphosphate crystals, clean the filter and Hard Water Bullet core. This may change for your particular application and depends on water usage. Please review the service video at the bottom of this page


Order a Poly-Phosphate re-fill kit Here


The Poly Triple Action Hard Water Filter should be installed vertically allowing the drain valve to be positioned pointing down, which allows for easy draining of the filters housing, and to relieve pressure on the filters housing for servicing. The water inlet and outlet are both  1" pipe threads and can be bushed down to 3/4" if nessasary. Use the included BST-NPT thread adapters. Install this Hard Water Filter AFTER your pumps pressure tank and do not allow it to freeze.

Please read our customer testimonials HERE

Please download the service instructions at the top of this page


  • Maximum pressure 145 PSI
  • Flow rate 30 GPM
  • Filtration surface area 340 cm
  • Filter height 10”
  • Filter width 4.5”
  • 1/2" drain valve
  • 6.5" between water in, and water out ports
  • Filter housing diameter 12-1/4”
  • Max. Working temperature 140 degrees
  • Filter weight (including 10.5 oz polyphosphate crystals) 4 lbs
  • Inlet/Outlet diameter 1” female threads
  • Includes 10.5 oz of Poly-phosphate and 2ea male threaded installation nipples             


Why Buy a Sterling Water Conditioner?

No Salt is Needed:
Salt for an average household, costs $200 per year. Salt based water softeners are expensive, time consuming, and overall, VERY inconvenient.

Protects Your Investments:
The Sterling Water Conditioner not only stops scale from forming but usually removes existing scale... Read More

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image" Poly Triple Action Hard Water Conditioner
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image: Iron Filter
image:   Hard Water Bullet
image:1.5 inch Chemical Free Whole House Water Conditioner Core
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Customer Feedback and Testimonials

I love it! Fantastic!! As soon as we installed it, a ton of sludge was released from my faucets. The water ran black for several minutes, sand, sediment and (I assume)calcium came out. Though you did not even claim this would happen. It was astounding! (I drank that?) Now I can easily tell my water is much better (no build up in the electric pot, less spots, etc) yet the minerals are still there... Read More