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Poly Salt Free Water Softener Recharge Kit

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SKU: PS1-kit
Dimensions: 4 in × 4 in × 1 in
Weight: 6 oz

This polyphosphate re-charge kit is for use in our Poly Triple Action Hard Water Filter and other products that use SLO-Phos. This kit includes 6.5 oz of beads for recharging the filter.

This is a popular item, and we have a hard time keeping it in stock. If we are out of stock and you need a refill, please go to Amazon and search Polyphosphate Beads. They are readily available in small containers.


Add Poly-Phosphate every 8-12 months

By adding Poly-Phosphate to your Hard Water Filter, you ensure that the filter is delivering its best performance by sequestering the aragonite and not allowing it to build up on surfaces or create water spotting. After draining the filters housing, un-screw the filter bottom and remove the red cap on the filter which will allow for re-filling

Pour 10.5oz of poly-phosphate crystals (5 oz for the black model) into the filter as shown, use a small funnel of container. (Please refer to the attached manual above) 

Poly-Phosphate crystals are a plant based FDA approved crystal that dissolve in the water slowly and sequester the calcium and aragonite causing it to stay in suspension which allows the hardness to move on downstream. Also know as Siliphos or Phosphate Silica, Poly-Phosphate has been used for many years with excellent results in the treatment of hard water in municipality’s, commercial buildings and residential applications.