Poly-Phosphate Cartridge Kit

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SKU: 285744
Dimensions: 10 in × 4 in × 4 in
Weight: 15 lb

Poly Phosphate (also known as Silphos) is used in a broad range of water treatment applications for its ability to sequester the iron and calcium in the water and inhibits its ability to cause build-up on pipes and surfaces. It is made from a food grade plant and is available in crystal and liquid form for domestic and commercial use. Our Poly Triple Action Hard Water Filter uses Poly-Phosphate crystals in addition to an Electro-Mechanical Core to treat and sequester minerals in hard water. Our Poly Phosphate Cartridge Kit is ideal for binding calcium and magnesium hardness minerals in your water, preventing them from precipitating out of solution and building up on metallic surfaces. This method allows for a “No Salt” water treatment and is very effictive and economical.

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The specific purpose of this product is to condition the water supply for tankless water heaters as well as many other applications to protect your system from the buildup in the piping that is heated to very high temperatures within the heater itself. This product is able to eliminate the need for many to install a whole house water softener to achieve the same effect. As an added benefit, polyphosphates from the siliphide also form a thin protective layer on the pipe wall or metallic surface which helps to eliminate hardness build-up and corrosion.

This complete kit includes a 10X4” canister, wall bracket, wrench and charged poly phosphate cartridge. Most home owners will use a single cartridge in one year. You can purchase the Replacement Poly Phosphate Cartridge HERE

You can order the 10" or the 20" model above

Typical PolyPhosphate Crystals