Iron Bacteria Oxidizing System

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Many people think that this kind of bacteria can be filtered out but this is rarely the case. Iron Bacteria are much different than normal ferric or ferrous iron found in well water.This kind of bacteria usually forms when it is exposed to the air, and in certain light conditions. It usually is most common in toilet bowls and toilet tanks. It is also slimy to the touch. Because it is so slimy, this Bacteria can attach to surfaces such as pipes and pumps and toilet parts plugging them up and eventually damaging your toilets, This stubborn bacteria are able to grow from oxidation of the soluble Ferrous Iron,which is present in groundwater to the insoluble Ferric form. A simple test to see if you have iron bacteria is to just remove the lid from your toilet tank, your looking for build-up usually in the corners of the toilet tank. The bottom of the tank might have sediment on it and this is usually not the bacteria your looking for, This bacteria usually grows in clumps in the corners and attaches itself to toilet tank parts. Because this kind of iron normally cannot be filtered out of the well water, it must be treated with small doses of chlorine, which oxidizes it before it is allowed to bloom. The only real permanent and affordable solution for this kind of bacteria is the installation of a small 15 gallon solution injection system which injects small amounts of chlorine bleach into the water supply as needed. This is much like municipal water which is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria. If you don't want the small amount of chlorine in your water supply, it is easily removed before it gets to your drinking water by installing a good carbon filter down-line from the solution injector.